Friday, November 4, 2011

Android BudgetApp Application

"BudgetApp" is a simple application that allows you to manage your personal, family, or group financial budget.

"BudgetApp" may be used on a single Android device, to create a personal budget; This method will persist all data only on this one device. Or you may use "BudgetApp" with one or more Dropbox accounts in order to store and retrieve your data and collaborate on a single budget with others.

The way "BudgetApp" integrates itself with a Dropbox account is as follows:
1) "BudgetApp" creates the following files as a means of persisting data:
1a) a file to keep track of categories and their respective funds.
1b) a file to keep track of categories and their respective monthly(or weekly, or yearly) percentages.
1c) history file(s)(one per month) to keep track of the transactions(withdrawals, transfers, deposits) a user makes during the current and previous months.
2) "BudgetApp" stores these files on the device in a cache folder, and then uploads/updates these corresponding files in the user's Dropbox account.
3) When "BudgetApp" needs to refresh its cached files, it will pull the corresponding files from a user's Dropbox and use them to overwrite the existing cached files.
4) The reason for using Dropbox with "BudgetApp" is so that multiple users, using their own Dropbox accounts, may all share a single/common/shared folder in each of their Dropbox accounts in order to collaborate on a single/common/shared budget.

Also, I have created a PC version of "BudgetApp" that allows you to store your budget files anywhere on your PC including your Dropbox folder (if you've installed Dropbox on your PC). This way, you can keep your budget synced between both your PC and your Android device! In order to obtain a copy of the PC version, you must first purchase the Android version on the Android Market (currently U.S. $0.99). Once you've purchased the Android version, you can send an email to, requesting a PC version of "BudgetApp". Once I have verified that you have purchased the Android version, I will send you a PC version (at no additional cost).

"BudgetApp" should be landing in the Android Market within a week from now.

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