Saturday, March 12, 2011


Shortly after my first post yesterday I finished and uploaded my first FREE app to the Android Market. It is titled "Toggle Ringer/Silent Mode". Go to the Android market on your android device and either search for the title of the app, or you can search "holmesware", or you can find it by clicking the applications link and selecting the productivity category, to try out my very first and FREE app in the Android Market.

The app basically just has a button that will toggle the phone ringer from on to silent and back to on. Very simple, but useful for those who want to quickly turn their phone ringer off right before going into a meeting without having to click the hardware volume buttons several times to get it into silent mode. Also, it makes for quickly turning your ringer back on, and to the exact volume level it was at before you went into your meeting. The app also comes packaged with a simple widget that you can place on your home screen, if you feel it's too cumbersome to open up the application. The home screen widget comes with an extra feature. The home screen widget allows you to toggle between Ringer On, Silent Mode, and Vibrate!

So, what are you waiting for?.... Download my free app, and PLEASE rate it. Leave your comments in the comment section when you rate the app, or post a comment here on the blog. Let me know how useful of an app it is, how well it worked for you, and if you have any suggestions for improvement on this app, leave those too. Also, if you have other suggestions for an app idea that you might like to see, please post that idea as a comment, here on my blog.

Now that I have played around a bit with the Android's Software Development Kit and understand it better, I am going to attempt a more complex application, which I have briefly detailed in the prior post. I expect the development of this project to be completed by the end of April 2011 / beginning of May 2011. So, please check back then, for updates on my next application!

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