Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Counter App

So, I have placed another app on the Android Market. It's not the app that I have previously described (I'm still working on that one). This one I just wanted to experiment with dynamic content. So, I made a real simple app that has a positive and negative button, and when pressed it will count up and down the number scale. Another button will allow the user to flip between numbers and letters. So, if in alphabet mode, the user can go up and down the alphabet when the positive and negative buttons are pressed. I let me 2 year old daughter try it out and it was a hit! I had no idea that this would be so entertaining for her. She sat and counted along with the numbers and letters for a half an hour (and then I needed my phone back). So if you have any preschool aged children, this app will surely be hit for them as well! Just search for "holmesware" in the Android Market and then download "Counter". Also, please leave my app a rating and a comment. I would really like to know how others enjoy the app, or comments as to other features you'd like to see added or improved.

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